Tutoring franchise opportunity in Marin County, California!

If you are thinking about opening a tutoring franchise in Marin County, now is the perfect time to consider The Lafayette Academy franchise opportunity. Marin County is situated in the North San Francisco Bay Area and loved for its stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and for being the perfect community to raise a family and obtain a quality education. With families drawn to the area because of the Marin Symphony, the California Film Institute, and natural sites including the Muir Woods redwood forest, Marin County is the ideal location to open a Lafayette tutoring franchise.

Why consider opening a Lafayette tutoring franchise in Marin County?

  • In May of 2010, Marin County had the lowest unemployment rate in all of California.
  • In May of 2009, it had the fifth highest income per capita in the United States at about $91,480.
  • With a population of 252,400, it has a high percentage of school age children, thereby making it the ideal location to open a tutoring franchise.

Is a Lafayette franchise right for me?

Many franchises simply aren’t equipped with the ability to have a positive impact on young peoples’ lives, let alone shape our communities and our children’s futures. The Lafayette Academy franchise is different. Each and every one of our franchises are owned and operated by local residents who are not only active in their communities, but truly passionate about the quality of local education. While Lafayette Academy is a comfortable, fun-loving environment where children can thrive and live to their true potential, it is also an excellent business opportunity for those who want to make a difference in the world around them.

Why choose Lafayette?

  • While in the infant stages of franchising, we have been around for over 21 years.
  • The low-initial investment makes it an affordable business opportunity.
  • We have a proven business model that has been highly successful.
  • Over the past two decades, our dedicated management team has developed a highly effective system for running the day-to-day operations of a Lafayette Academy.
  • We’re a part of a growing $9 billion dollar industry.
  • We have prime territories available in our target growth markets.
If you like the idea of not having to start a business from scratch, and if the notion of working with children in a positive learning environment sounds good to you, owning your own Lafayette Academy may be the franchise opportunity that you’re looking for. With fully developed systems and procedures for hiring, scheduling, accounting, administration and marketing, we’ve made opening a Lafayette Academy as seamless as possible. Complete the form to the right today for more information about our growth markets and what it takes to get started!

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