A Word (okay, many words) From The Owner


When I purchased Lafayette Academy just over 10 years ago, it was a single location close to my home in Lafayette, CA. I thought it was a good business opportunity in a fragmented industry. I was mostly focused on how I could grow the company and had not given much thought to the ancillary benefits that might come from working with local students and families, many of whom we knew personally.

Although I was right about the business opportunity, I completely missed how much it would mean to me to own “the local learning center” and change students’ (and their parents’) lives. This is by far the most personally rewarding career that I’ve ever had—and I’ve had a few—and I cannot over-emphasize how much it means to me to see Lafayette Academy’s positive impact on so many people in my community.

Looking back, I should have foreseen the intrinsic rewards because I always loved coaching my four daughters’ soccer and basketball teams and the feeling that came with a child’s sense of accomplishment and pride in her success. Lafayette Academy has helped all of my kids and MANY of their friends, and to this day, they’re still giving me positive feedback. Lafayette Academy has been and will be a fun, rewarding, meaningful business opportunity for people who are active in their communities. If you are active in your community (or have been) and Lafayette Academy sounds appealing, we’d love to hear from you.


Mark Bressler
Owner (and former) Lafayette Academy Parent

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