Aurelia A.

The best part of Lafayette Academy is the mindset of helping; helping all students at all stages, in various way. Actually being a part of making the learning experience better for students is not just fulfilling – it is fun! Running a Lafayette Academy center gives you the opportunity to really appreciate all different types of learning, but also gives you the opportunity to connect with your community in a really meaningful, positive way. Watching tutors, students, and administrators build relationships based on common values and goals keeps the educational environment light, fun, and successful. And because Lafayette Academy gives students space from school, which can often be so stressful, there is a wonderful opportunity for center directors to make the entire experience fun and interesting. Witnessing a student and tutor really gel for the first time reinforces the importance of what we do in such an enjoyable way. Decorating for holidays, giving loyal families extra attention, and providing opportunities for socializing among the staff makes running a center all the more pleasurable!
Aurelia A.Center Director