Lafayette Academy is a business you can feel good about.

Our business is very different from most because our “product” is human potential. We’re passionate about bringing out the best in the young people in our communities. And in doing so, we believe we make our communities better places to live. It is hugely rewarding, personally satisfying and a lot of fun. It can also be very good business, one that is part of a growing $9 billion industry.

In Lafayette Academy’s 21-plus years, we’ve developed a proven business model that is low risk and highly successful.* Plus, the low initial investment level makes it a very affordable business to get into. We have a strong, dedicated management team that has been together a long time. And unlike the older chains, we have prime territories available in our target growth market. If all that sounds good to you, having your own Lafayette Academy might be right for you.

* There are three Lafayette locations open, none have closed, and the revenue of each location is stated in the Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19.

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